Our Partnership

The Fairchild Wheeler School is a multi-magnet school located in Bridgeport. With close to fifteen hundred students, Fairchild Wheeler is comprised of three distinct schools, each with its separate focus: Engineering, Biotech, and IT. Over 90% of the students who attend graduate, and approximately 90% go on to college.

In the summer of 2017, Meliora Education began working with the school’s incoming juniors and seniors several times a week in advance of the SATs that fall. By early 2018, Meliora Education was able to provide an SAT program free of cost to the entire junior class in preparation for Connecticut SAT Day that April. The program is now in its second year of operation, prepping another junior class for the SATs.

Mean PSAT scores were around 850 in the fall of 2016. As of 2019, the average score improvement is over 200 points.