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Chris tutored my daughter for the SAT and helped her improve her scores tremendously! He always planned the lessons according to her needs, was incredibly accommodating about scheduling and was extremely involved, helpful and encouraging throughout the process. With each lesson my daughter’s skills as well as her confidence grew. We were thrilled with the end result of such a significant increase in her scores. Thank you so much for aMELIORAting our daughter’s test results and making it such a pleasant experience for all!! [Staples ’19]

Meliora Education is an excellent investment! They were able to meet the needs of both of my kids who have very different learning profiles. Yearsley gave them the confidence and skills to perform well on the SAT which improved their scores significantly. They were incredibly flexible with out family’s busy schedule. I highly recommend Meliora Education. [parent of Warde ’19]

“We had a great experience working with Chris. He helped my daughter focus on areas where she needed improvement and successfully got her SAT score up to where she wanted it. He very quickly assessed her and gave great advice. His approach built her confidence and she was well prepared walking into the test. We are so happy to be done with the SAT!” [parent of Darien High ’20]

If you want your daughter or son to have a creative edge on their college essay, Yearsley is the tutor to work with. College essays can make or break a college application. Yearsley provided our daughter the guidance to make her dig deep into her creative writing skills for her college essay and supplements on her applications. This was an investment that was well worth it. [parent of Warde ’18]

I have had the ability to work with Yearsley individually, and I have to say he is one of the best tutors I have ever worked with. He is very thoughtful and attentive to the respective needs and abilities of his clients. I highly recommend him to anybody who wants to improve their scores and overall academic well-being. [New Canaan High ’18]

Working with Chris was the best decision I could have made when prepping for the ACT. Chris raised my score by 6 points and if it wasn’t for his help, I would not be where I am today. He is extremely encouraging, intelligent, strategic, supportive, and professional and he raised my confidence, which was extremely beneficial when walking into the test. Chris genuinely cares about each and every student he works with. My family and I have already recommended him to many of our friends as we completely trust his ability to guide students towards reaching their goal. He is able to help in a variety of ways, and I highly recommend him. [Ludlowe ’19]

I was in need of a tutor to help my son increase his SAT scores. Chris’s name was given to me by a close friend who’s son had worked with Chris in the past. Not only is Chris a professional, he understands each student’s strengths and where their weaknesses are to enhance their abilities. Chris’s lesson plans helped my son thrive which led to an increase his SAT scores. I highly recommend Meliora Education if you’re looking for positive results. [parent of Greenwich High ’18]

I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am that we found Chris. His comprehensive knowledge and experience with the college board tests coupled with his warm, approachable demeanor made him a great fit for my daughters. He swiftly and competently recommended the ACT vs. SAT exam based on their test taking style. He actively coached them, and me, through the process resulting in greater confidence and preparation for the standardized tests, ultimately resulting in improved overall scores.” [parent of Ludlowe ’17 & ’19]

I worked very closely with Chris while writing essays for my undergraduate applications. Chris’ unique ability to draw out ideas that weren’t already on the page helped me make my essays far more meaningful and personal. The pride he took in my work gave me confidence. His candor often sent me back to the drawing board, but always resulted in better work. There isn’t an essay that I sent out that I was not proud of. Chris is an amazing sounding board and a fabulous critic and editor – always with a sense of humor. [Norwalk High ’18]

“We heard good things about Meliora Education from moms in our neighborhood. Yearsley’s strategic yet mellow approach to test prep matched well with my daughter’s style. She felt comfortable, motivated and prepared by her tutoring sessions and many practice tests. Her scores have improved steadily as a result.” [parent of Laurelton Hall ’20]

Yearsley came highly recommended to us for private school test prep . Our previous experience with another teacher was not good. My son found him to be patient, understanding, gave great strategies and really helped with his confidence. My son was able to bring up his scores considerably. I am grateful that we found him and will be using his expertise for my other child for private school testing as well as going forward for the SAT’s and college essays. [parent of GFA ’22]

Yearsley was a tremendous help in improving my SAT results; my score went up 100 points after working with him. He personalized each session so I was able to get the most out of my time with him. Not only did he help increase my SAT score, but he also improved my confidence in all standardizing testing! [Weston High ’20]

Meliora Education, helped all four of my kids, with SAT’s, college essays and even private school entrance exams, he was amazing, supportive, extremely accommodating. My kids all excelled and improved by working with Meliora Education. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their child’s skills with personalized attention to the needs of your child [parent of Norwalk High ’15, ’18 & GFA ’21, ’22]

Through working with Yearsley over several months, he offered incredible patience and persistence to find the most effective methodology to improve my speed and accuracy on the ACT’s. He communicated in a way that was easy to understand and articulated the “why, where and when to apply” questions clearly. When I hit stumbling blocks, Yearsley applied creativity to work through it, changing up his approach until we achieved results. I felt that the lesson was individualized and targeted the areas I needed to concentrate on the most, while maintaining balance in the other areas. [Fairfield Prep ’19]

Yearsley greatly improved my son’s SAT score. He provided great insight about the test. The class size was perfect, about 6 kids so there was a lot of one on one teaching. Yearsley really helped with was timing. My son is a slow test taker and Yearsley broke down the test and told him how long to take on each section. With practice, he was able to time himself accordingly and answer well on the test. We definitely recommend Yearsley. [parent of Ludlowe ’19]

We highly recommend Yearsley! He is very knowledgeable and works well with kids to go over strategies on the SAT test. Yearlsley is also very patient and easy going but motiviates the kids to get the job done. He is worth the investment! [parent of Ludlowe ’18 & ’19]

Yearsley was indespensible in helping my son boost his test scores and confidence moving forward with the whole college application process. He did not merely have a pre-ordained method of increasing test scores; he actually listened to us and worked with my son to determine which test would be better tailored to his strengths. We had thought the ACT was the way to go but ended up pursuing SAT prep instead. The fact that Yearsley could “change horses in mid-stream” proved that he really did want to accomodate my son’s strengths and valued our input/feedback so that he felt good heading into the tests. He is personable and puts people at ease, understanding and trying to work with people’s crazy schedules. We would highly recommend Meliora Education! [parent of Warde ’19]

Chris helped me with my essays for my graduate school application and he completely transformed personal statement. My personal statement was exceptional and I got accepted to all of my top schools. Chris was so helpful, thoughtful and attentive to my requests. He accommodated to my schedule and was easygoing, professional and has exceptional credentials. My brother also worked with him in preparation for the SAT and had a wonderful experience with improved test scores. Without reservation, I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a tutor. [James Madison University ’16]

I have had a great experience with Meliora Education. With the help of Chris, my ACT score was boosted 5 points! Chris provides patient, insightful help along with so many tips for testing day. Furthermore, the one to one program makes me feel even better about using Meliora as a test prep service because it gives back to the community in an impactful way. I would recommend Meliora to all high students. [Norwalk High ’18]

My first SAT score was a 1280 and I knew I needed some help for improvement. After being introduced to Chris and Meliora Education by a close friend, I knew he was the right person. After working with Chris for several months 1-on-1, my SAT score improved 180 points! Chris is one of the smartest and most helpful people I’ve ever met, I highly recommend him to anyone who would like to improve their standardized test scores or need help with their college process. [Norwalk High ’18]

Chris provides a comprehensive service where he works with his students on practical matters such as tutoring, essay prep and direct coaching on exams but also supports the parents on where the student is applying, status updates and cost/value analysis. Excellent value for the student interested in improving. [parent of Norwalk High ’18]

Chris was a very good SAT tutor because he knows the test inside out. He knows the strategies and the tricks that will give you a deeper understanding of how to take the test. He kept me very focused with a good plan and schedule. My score improved 150 points from before having him as a tutor. [Ludlowe ’18]

To begin, I couldn’t recommend Chris at Meliora any higher! My experience was top notch in both quality and professionalism. My case was a bit different, in that I came back to school at a later point in my life and I needed to revisit topics from high school that I had not seen in years. Chris made an extremely thorough plan which helped me to achieve top scores on the SAT moving all sections into the 95th percentile. Alongside tutoring for the test, Chris also edited various application essays for me; he is a talented writer and is wonderful resource to elucidate and polish your work. If you are looking for someone to aid in any part of the college application process you cannot go wrong with Meliora! [Yale ’20]

Chris has tutored all 3 of my children for the SAT exam and we are very satisfied with the results. Chris has an easy-going teaching style and was able to make difficult subject matter simpler to understand. He adapted his teaching approach to fit each one of my children’s individual needs and helped each one of them to achieve their goals. We would highly recommend Chris to work with your child to improve their standardized testing scores. [parent of Warde ’18]

Working with you for the SAT, for the past 2 months, has given me confidence for test day, and I couldn’t have felt more prepared or comfortable taking the SAT. [McMahon ’18]

One of our best decisions was to hire Chris who successfully tutored all 3 of our kids for the ACT and SAT exams. We really appreciated his easy-going manner and how comfortable our children felt with him. He has exceptional credentials and a unique ability to work well with different personalities in order to maximize productivity. Our children’s scores all improved a lot! Chris will allow your child to grow in confidence, knowledge and improve his or her college opportunities. He is the best! We highly recommend him without reservations! [parent of Weston High ’15, ’18 & ’19]

Chris did an outstanding job with my son and his SAT prep. His scores increased 300 points!!! I would highly recommend using Meliora Education. [parent of Fairfield Prep ’18]