About Meliora Education


Meliora Education is a college preparation service founded and directed by Yearsley Winkler and located in downtown Westport, Connecticut. Growing up in Westport, and graduating from Staples High School, Yearsley went on to Yale University, earning a BA in English Literature in 2007. Over the next six years, while pursuing graduate work, he began tutoring students on their SATs & ACTs and guiding them through the college application process. In 2016, Yearsley founded Meliora Education as an education company committed to producing superior quality and results for its college preparation services. Yearsley also founded Meliora Education with a mission to provide equal educational opportunities to underprivileged, college-bound juniors and seniors from across the area. This dual commitment to excellence and educational opportunity underlies the Meliora Education model.

Our Partnerships

We are currently working with Fairchild Wheeler Magnet School & Harding High School, providing SAT preparation programs and college essay advising to their juniors and seniors.